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How to play online casino without registering an account

The lock into the circle

To play online, casino users used to have to disclose their personal data when registering their account at the casino. Although registrations have improved over the past few years, you usually always have to choose a username, create a password, enter your address, phone and postal codes.

Also, one must specify whether one is a man or a woman and the registration process itself often takes a long time. You can indeed register via Facebook at some online casinos, but it is rarely painless.

Fast-Forward time to the year 2020 and things look completely different.

Today, the most popular option among Canadian players is to play casino without an account, which means that you play online casino without registration of a game account (this feature is only available on licensed online casinos in Canada since a casino without a Canadian license can not use bank verification).

In this way, you verify your identity when you make a deposit via Trustly or Pay Pal, which is linked to your personal bank.

To be absolutely correct, it should be mentioned that the casino creates one account per player regardless, but they do not access your personal data.

Betting without account

As in other parts of the gaming industry, accountless options have become very popular, and betting sites without a license without an account are the biggest fly for the moment among Canadian gamblers. But to play at odds without an account sounds naturally fishy: how should I get my winnings if I do not register?

To be 100% accurate, you play with an account as usual. The difference is that you “create” your account by making a deposit with your mobile bank and payment system. However, you are completely anonymous to the betting site.

In other words, it is the registration process that is much faster than usual, and you do not have to share any information. It is in this way that you can return to the gaming company at a later time to “log in” again.

This would not have been possible if you played completely without an account, which is not the case. Of course, this is to your advantage since you would like to have the opportunity to log in and out of a game page and keep your balance.

Since this fly is brand new in Canada, we understand that many question marks appear in our readers, which is why we developed this guide for how betting without an account works.

The idea is that after you read our basic article about betting without registration, you should understand the concept better and feel safe in testing an accountless bookmaker.

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