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A new way to promote crash casino game

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The crash casino game has been heavily promoted for several years by blog posts on online casino review sites or by the online casinos offering the games. This promotion has been successful as the game has become widely known by casino players.

However, for several months now, a collective promotion initiative seems to have developed on social networks allowing the publication of short videos.

This initiative is mainly present on the social network Tik Tok, where we find improvised promoters, without any link with the casino, who highlight the so-called easy winnings and an affiliation link, without the necessary prevention of the risk of addiction.

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When the casino is no longer a means of entertainment

Our experts are always present the casino not as a way to make money, but as a way to have fun. An online casino is, therefore, a form of entertainment, just like bowling, video games, or other activities.

The problem with the abusive promotion of this popular crash casino game on Tik Tok is that the account owners need to start paying attention to what they are playing at a casino. So they present the JetX and Aviator game as a sham trading tool, which guarantees winnings all the time. I even suspect that a certain account, which is now inactive, lost a lot of money because it always mentioned the comments, without ever showing the video shots where it lost the bet.  

Adding to this dishonesty is the direct promotion of a cheating tool that would supposedly predict the game’s predefined multiplier before the betting round even begins.

In fact, this software is mainly informed by a database of several thousand rounds, in order to make a correlated prediction on the game rounds already executed. Except that this software is only a placebo effect since each round is random and independent of the other. As you will have understood, the software is only true one time out of ten, if not less. For the tiktoker, you simply have to record the same video for each round, until the software is synchronised with the round in progress. In this tiktok, the author wants to try and prove that the software works every time, except that the video cuts off at the moment of the next turn.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tiktok allows some of the creators of such content to slip through the net of anti-gambling regulations. There are advertisements on the For You page for such “cheating” software.

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How to play safely?

Rather than affiliating with an influencer or a vague Tik Tok account, it’s best to affiliate directly with your favourite Twitch Slots streamer or online casino advice sites. This will allow you to have close contact with your referrer who will be able to discuss with you any misunderstandings you may have. This way, the referrer will be able to inform the casino manager of any bugs or problems, which can help you solve a problem much more efficiently than through traditional channels.

Evolution Gaming’s new game: Cash or Crash

Following on from successful TV games such as Crazy Time or the live Monopoly games, Evolution Gaming has come up with a game that capitalizes on the current trend of Crash games.

Cash or Crash is a game that takes place in a virtual airship, flying over a city that strongly resembles the one present in Crazy Time and Monopoly games. The game is similar to the crash games and is presented in the form of a lottery by drawing plastic balls.

The objective is to pass through the 20 stages of decision-making step by step until you reach the maximum winning potential of x50,000. In this crash casino game, there is no win multiplier that might appear before the first decision is made, like Crazy Time with its multiplier slot.

There are three features featured in this game:

  • Take All the money – this feature makes you withdraw all the money you are likely to win.
  • Take Half – this feature allows you to take half the bet and winnings you are likely to receive.
  • Continue – this feature allows you to leave all your winnings and stake in play.

Here are the balls you can shoot in the game:

  • Green ball – this ball allows you to continue playing.
  • Red ball – this ball stops the game in progress, this is called a Crash.
  • Golden ball (single ball) – this gives you a shield for the next few rounds in case a red ball is shot. It also increases the multiplier each time a green ball is drawn.

The maximum potential Cash or Crash is x18,000 your base bet, however, it can be increased to x50,000 if a golden ball is drawn before the end of the rounds.

This new game from Evolution Gaming follows the concept of the Crash games as it allows the player to regulate himself. Thus, it is quite possible to try for the Jackpot, just like the 99.59% RTP.

To have a 99.59% RTP Cash or Crash game, you just have to take the winnings from each first spin that has a green ball. Sure, it’s boring, but it’s a great wagering technique for deposit bonuses or wagering rewards at some casinos.

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