2014 Trenchless Technology Roadshow

Building & Renewing Livable Cities with Trenchless Technologies

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Check out over 60 exhibitors and the excellent program and see why you cannot miss the largest trenchless technology trade show in Canada. Please visit CATT’s Trenchless Roadshow.

There are two PRE-EVENT COURSES:

Trenchless Technology 101  this course is for both newcomers to the industry and for anyone who is seeking a refresher course on the various trenchless technology methods. The course covers new trenchless construction techniques including tunneling, open shield pipe jacking, microtunneling, auger boring, pipe ramming, and horizontal directional drilling.  It reviews available trenchless rehabilitation methods used to rehabilitate existing infrastructure (i.e. storm, sanitary and watermain) and it concludes with tips to ensure successful trenchless projects. Each presenter will cover details of the key steps involved in planning and executing a successful trenchless project as it relates to their respective technology.

Asset Management – Strategies for Sustainable Urban Waster and Wastewater Networks featuring Dr. Penny Burns, Editor AMQ International’s “Strategic Asset Management”, this workshop will provide a historical perspective on the evolution of asset management of civil infrastructure systems. Internationally renowned asset management experts will demonstrate how the newly developed asset management tools and techniques can help the municipalities and water utilities to make better decisions related to operation, maintenance, and renewal of buried infrastructure.

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 Newsletter Issue 6 – April 2013 – Sustainable Municipal Pipelines – Is now available

We are pleased to present the 6thIssue of Sustainable Municipal Pipelines Newsletter.

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In this issue…

  • 2013 Canadian Municipal Buried Infrastructure Survey
  • Project Highlight: Reversing Falls Bridge Watermain Rehabilitation
  • Featured Product: PDM-300 Mobile Waste Drill Mud Treatment System
  • and more…

 University of Waterloo’s CATT has been awarded the US Water Research Foundation grant

The University of Waterloo’s Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies will lead a team of international water experts to create the framework and contents of a standard defect coding and condition rating system for potable water pipelines. The two and half year long project will include urban water supply pipelines made of cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement, and plastic (PVC/PE) materials.

Outcomes from this project will lay the foundation for the adoption of a standard protocol for water pipelines’ condition assessment. Project benefits for North American water utilities include: 1) for the first time, a common set of processes, terminology and methodologies for the condition assessment and evaluation of water pipelines; 2) laying the foundation for good water asset management practices; and 3) reducing data management and data mining costs.

The project will be led by Dr. Mark Knight, P.Eng., Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo as the Principal Investigator (PI). Project Co-PI’s are Dr. Rizwan Younis, Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies, Dr. Yehuda Kleiner, P.Eng., Yeda Consultants Ltd., and Dr. John Mathews, PE. Battelle Memorial Institute, USA. The research team will be supported by…

Asset Management of Buried Infrastructure Course

 The Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies is pleased to partner with the Ontario Good Roods Association (Academy for Municipal Asset Management) to offer the Asset Management of Buried Infrastructure course.

The course will cover the fundamentals of water and wastewater infrastructure management. The participants will learn the essential asset management processes and techniques for establishing an effect asset management program for water and wastewater utilities. The course will also highlight the new developments and future trends in the asset management field.

Date: March 31 – April 4, 2014. Note: This is a full week (36 hours) course.

Location:  Centre for Health & Safety Innovation, 5110 Creekbank Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 0A1

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