Helping Municipalities to Identify Appropriate Rehab Technologies for Sewers


Many municipalities have collected a large amount of CCTV data on sewers and manholes. However, they often struggle to use the inspection data to answer three fundamental questions: What assets should be fixed? When they should be fixed? and How they should be fixed?

Join us for this band new workshop to help municipalities identify appropriate renewal techniques based on the condition assessment data. Attendees will learn about the tools to aid data management and decision making. Furthermore, benefits and limitations of various sewer pipe rehabilitation techniques will be discussed.


7:30        8:00        Registration and Breakfast

8:00        8:30        Introduction - What do I do with my Inspection Data?

8:30        9:00        Using Condition Assessment Data for Deterioration Modeling and Forecasting Future Condition of Sewers

9:00        9:30        Case Study: Report Actions-based on Custom Decision Making Process Programs

9:30        10:00     NASSCO Tool: Assigning Rehabilitation with a List of Contractors

10:00     10:15     Networking and Coffee Break

10:15     10:45     Using Software to Map, Identify Priorities and Assign Rehab to Alleviate Staffing Constraints

10:45     11:15     Rehabilitation of Sewers and Laterals using CIPP

11:15     11:45     Other Lining Methods and When it would be Advantageous to Use Them

11:45     12:45     Lunch

12:45     13:15     Structural Spot Repair Technologies

13:15     13:45     Structural Sewer Pipe Replacement Options

13:45     14:15     Sewer Grouting - Resolving Infiltration

14:15     14:30     Networking and Coffee Break

14:30     15:00     Spray Liners in Sewers

15:00     15:30     Link Pipe and Rubber Seals for Fixing Separated and Offset Joints

15:30     16:00     Pipe Maintenance: Cutting, Reaming, and Flushing

* Subject to modifications

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Start Time: 7:30 am
End Time: 5:00 pm

Date: January 22, 2019

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