CATT Committees

Membership and Marketing

The Committee will endeavor to increase and maintain membership from various sectors, which has interest in trenchless technology, by providing the objectives and tangible benefits of the organization.   Promotions and advertising will be conducted through various media.  Activities and relevant information will be published regularly and communicated by mail to members, prospective members and selected individuals or groups.  CATT will represent, participate and provide forums, conferences, shows, seminars related to the industry and users groups to promote its organization.  Member fees and sponsorship support shall sustain the financial needs of the organization.

Position Name Association Contact Information
 Chair Harry Krinas City of Hamilton Tel: 905 – 546-2424  Ext.7180
Jason Johnson  Dillon Consulting Tel: 519- 438 -1288 ext. 1222
Geoff Britnell  Fer-Pal Infrastructure Tel: 416-230-9983
Cal Reaume  Corix Water Products Tel: 905-805-1014
John Green Tel: 647 -990-4445
Doug Onishi  Dillon Consulting Tel: 519-571-9833 ext. 3107


The Conferences Committee coordinates and organizes CATT conferences such as the Trenchless Road Shows and Underground Infrastructure Research Conferences. Activities include arranging technical programs, exhibition and marketing.

Position Name Association Contact Information
Conference Chair Jonathan Pearce CATT Tel: 519-888-4770
Conference Co-Chair Ashley Rammeloo City of London Tel: 519- 661-2489

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee maintains a public image through the management of information between CATT, governments, and the public. PR activities, promote CATT programs, raise the profile of CATT and increase exposure by the use of press releases, articles, newsletters, website, emails etc.

Position Name Association Contact Information
Public Relations Chair Roger Crawford Consultant/Environmental Specialist Tel: 519-883-7396
Member Mark Knight University of Waterloo Tel: 519-888-4567 x36919
Fax: 519-746-6556


The mandate of the Seminar Committee is to provide a forum for CATT members and industry as a whole to attain increased knowledge in infrastructure management, specifically trenchless technology.  The mission is obtained through the planning and administering of seminars, courses and events, which provide unbiased, balanced, quality, relevant technical content. Our workshops are now awarded Engineering Institute of Canada approved CEUs.

R. V. Anderson Associates LimitedTel: 416-497-8600, Ext 202

Position Name Association Contact Information
Seminar Chair Dave Crowder R.V Anderson Associates Limited Tel: 416-497-8600-202
Cell: 416-726-0371
Vice Chair Tanya Stephens TDS Consulting Tel: 416-616-5521
Member Jonathan Pearce CATT Tel: 519-888-4770
Cell: 519-573-5634
Member Gord Henrich P.I.T.A. Tel: 519-534-4475
Cell # :  226-923-0602
Member Brad Marin GHD Tel: 519 -884-0510 x7235
Member Ophir Wainer T2 Utility Engineers Tel: 905-668-8822
Member Caroline Amyot City of Waterloo Tel: 519 886 1550 x78253
Member Geoff Britnell Fer-Pal Construction Tel: 416-742-3713
Fax: 416-742-3889
Member Hamid Goorkani Pure Technologies Tel: 416-574-6112
Member Alec Turnbull Liqui-Force Services


The mandate of the Technical Committee of CATT is to assist CATT members to identify and achieve technical excellence. Technical excellence is achieved through research, design and development, networking with colleagues, and the publication and distribution of guidelines and specifications in the areas of manufacturing, design, installation and materials.

Position Name Association Contact Information
Technical Chair Alex Sandovski IPEX Tel: 416-258-6261
Fax: 416-422-0877
Technical Vice-Chair Paul Imm OCPA Tel: 519-489-4488 ext. 4



The Education Committee is developing an education program for Civil infrastructure practitioners. The initial focus of this program is to develop a diploma program through the delivery of university level courses in underground infrastructure.

Position Name Association Contact Information
Education Chair John Green Consultant Tel: : 905-727-5703
Cell: 416-333-5564