The Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies and Fleming College will jointly offer the course entitled Horizontal Directional Drilling Fundamentals: Design to Construction.

Date: June 26-29, 2017 | 28 Hours | 4 Day Course

Location: Fleming College, Frost Campus, 200 Albert St S. Lindsay, Ontario K9V 5E6 (Note: for travel and lodging information, please contact Tracy Flinders

Registration: The early bird deadline has been extended to June 9, 2017. Registration form can be downloaded here.

Certificate: The course has been approved by the Director, OWWCO (Ontario Water and Wastewater Certification Office) for 2.8 CEUs.

Learning Objectives

This course will help the learners to plan, design and install underground pipelines and conduits using horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Upon successful completion of the course, the attendees will be able to:

  • Describe HDD technology, technological advancements, and the industry evolution
  • Plan an HDD project including site selection, design and installation
  • Choose the appropriate drilling fluids, mixing and application
  • Carryout borepath layout and design
  • Design pipe for HDD applications
  • Prepare the job site for the drill
  • Follow the drill plan and QA/QC procedures including drill fluids and testing, field monitoring, data and information logging, and instrumentation
  • Learn the good practice guidelines and QA/QC procedures through real case studie
  • Troubleshoot common problems in the field

Course Schedule and Outline*

Day One | June 26, 2017

In-Class Lecture (1/2 Day session)

  • Introduction to Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • HDD History
  • HDD Applications and Market Outlook
  • Overview of HDD Process: (1) Pilot Bore; (2) Pre-ream/Back ream; (3) Pipe Installation
  • HDD Project Planning
  • Site Investigations: Surface investigation; Utility surveys; Geotechnical investigations
  • Others: Safety and environment, regulations

Practical Exercise (1/2 Day session)

  • Field Work – Site Assessment (Reconnaissance and Site Features, Entry/Exit Locations, Establishment of Entry/Exit Requirements and Layout)

Day Two | June 27, 2017

In-Class Lecture (1/2 Day session)

  • Drilling Fluids and Their Primary and Secondary Functions
  • Drill Fluid Volume Calculations; Pump Sizing; Mud Mixing Systems
  • Drill Fluid Testing
  • Drilling Issues and Remediation/Contingency Plan

Practical Exercise (1/2 Day session)

  • Field Work – Selection, Calculations and Mixing Drilling Fluids; Drilling Fluid Testing

Day Three | June 28 2017

In-Class Lecture (1/2 Day Session)

  • Borepath Layout and Design
  • Review of Good Practice Guidelines; ASTM F1962 and PRCI Guidelines
  • Design of Plastic and Steel Pipes
  • HDD Design Tools
  • Software for HDD Borepath, Drill Fluid, and Pipe Design

Practical Exercise (1/2 Day Session)

  • Field Work – Drilling Project Continuation: Perform Borepath Design; Drill Through a Pit; Advanced Tracking, Off-centre Locating

Day Four | June 29, 2017

In-Class Lecture (1/2 Day session)

  • Project QA/QC
  • Toolbox Meetings and Tooling
  • Field monitoring
  • Data and Information Logging
  • Instrumentation
  • HDD Case Studies
  • Sample Specifications and Various Aspects of HDD Project Planning, Design, Installation, and QA/QC

Practical Exercise (1/2 Day session)

  • Field Work – Completion of the Project and Records

*subject to change.

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